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I believe that sharing knowledge and information is what is needed to keep the cooperative community alive and well.

I am setting up this website as a portal and clearing house for exchanging information. 

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I have a proud history of bringing together and strengthening the voice of cooperatives. .

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Just as our cooperative members continue to evolve. Our education and training programs support members on matters of cooperative system. In our ongoing efforts to provide member education, we were pleased to continue to provide a source for co-ops to exchange ideas and information that deliver relevant content that keeps our members informed.

"Can I Afford
Not To Be Educated"?

As a board member, you sign documents, budgets, and contracts all the time. Let’s not forget that you are part of a board that oversees the running of a multi-million-dollar corporation.  And remember this; to be a part of a board that makes decisions for this multi-million-dollar corporation, all you must do to get there is popular. No prior experience is necessary.  

Another challenge is to engage with the next generation of membership. The cooperative business model offers a unique opportunity for members to voice opinions and drive business decisions that ultimately deliver value back to them.

I’m sure there are many co-op board members, who from time to time look at the cost of Training and think “Wow! it sure does cost a lot to go to get training. ” Then we start thinking of ways to cut corners.  Over the years, either as a cooperator, an educator or as a student, I’ve seen and heard many horror stories from cooperative board members.  The bottom line is, when you consider cutting corners to save money, you may want to consider if your decision to save money may in fact cost your co-op more money than you think you’re saving.

I want to bring special attention to our effort to become a clearinghouse and exchange into the central exchange platform for new cooperative housing information Our website is built into a network of links to a vast internet library of cooperative information. We are making the maximum possible effort to make essential information and research available to the cooperative housing movement.

Berendson Academy considers developing leadership skills of the members a key to keeping Board Members strong and improving effectiveness of those members in their professional and personal lives.

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