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WARNING! The Resources tab leads to such a vast network of informational links and websites that you may be gone for weeks and weeks . . . notify your family!


Many of the questions you may have been answered for you to see and share.


A clearinghouse and exchange of information about Cooperative housing and general information

Cooperative Links

Visit some cooperative sites and see what they are doing .

Cooperative Associations Links

Some Training and other information books to be able to pass on knowledge in the cooperative spirit.

Cooperative Professional Links

List of Professionals and information on cooperative housing solutions.

Cooperative Information Links

We have a duty as cooperatives to pass on knowledge to our fellow members and our future members.

Coopertive University Links

Universities have been working for quite a while on ccooperative information and have information to share.

Cooperative HUD Links

HUD has new requirements and training material to share with you

Training Videos

Training videos coming soon

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