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 It is my distinct honor to present to you wide variety of educational opportunities awaiting you.  The selection I am able to offer you has been long in the making.  New manuals have been added, updated, and reworked to keep it exciting, dynamic, and pertinent with new things and new ways to do things.

WARNING! The Resources tab leads to such a vast network of informational links and websites that you may be gone for weeks and weeks . . . notify your family!

Please note that I have been working and using some of these for classes.   A majority of them are updated but some are not.  I just wanted to put out as much information that I had to help cooperative members do well. 

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Board Training is More Important Than Ever

Why is cooperative housing Board of Directors training important?  Co-op members are shareholders who annually elect their Board of Directors to oversee and protect their investment.  This is a major entrustment of membership resources and faith.  The training of Board members is an investment in a multi-million dollar corporation, and members have a fiduciary duty to protect that investment.

(adapted from the article by Creighton Gallup 2018 “Value of Board Training is Worth the Cost.”)

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MAHC has copies of many of these manuals and some as low as $5 to $15 in hard copy.

Boards have been known to chase squirrels, hold rump sessions, and disregard the strategic plan, rules of order, and governing documents. Every board intends to produce results — but distractions and dysfunctions arise.

We wear many hats as Board Members.

Board training is more important then ever

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Board Training is More Important Than Ever

(adapted from the article by Creighton Gallup 2018 “Value of Board Training is Worth the Cost.”)

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